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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday and Graduation cards

My son's 13th bday was today, so we went to "The Real Chow Baby" for dinner.  It's an all you can eat, mongolian bbq place.  You pick the food and then they cook it on this large griddle/grill thing.  After that, we had to come home and watch one of my Kung Fu flicks...He and I love Asian food and films, so I made him a Panda bear card (using the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge and some glittery paper).  He loved it.
 On the inside, I added the accessory to the panda bear, which is a bowl of noodles with chopsticks...
 I added pop dots to the back of the bowl to make it stand away from the card.  In the bowl, I put in folded up cash...which is a teen's favorite gift.  It all turned out really cute!
This is a Graduation card I made for a card exchange that I am a part of.  Let me just say, the tassel was a big hassle!  I used embroidery floss, but I could never be happy with the end of tassel.  I finally just gave up...I doubled up the floss and wrapped a knot with a little rolled strip of paper that I ran with adhesive.  The cap itself is basically a diamond from George and Basic Shapes.  The "Congrats" was cut from the Wild Card in gold yellow paper to match the tassel.  Despite the work, I am happy with the card.  Hope you are having fun making cards or crafting!!

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