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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hopping Through the Holidays Blog Hop

Hi and Welcome to the Hopping through the Holidays Blog Hop!

You are on the last and final stop in the hop...In case you just hopped on here, you'll want to start at Stop#1 (Belinda) to start from the beginning.  Here is our amazing blog lineup:

6.       -Melanie

7. www.mythoughtsExactly.CO      - Alyssa

9.     -Angie (me)

I hope you have enjoyed all the fun, fabulous, and crafty projects featured today.  I am going to try to have two fun projects posted for this hop, but my work schedule has totally interfered with my crafting time...!  I want to thank Belinda for asking me to participate in this hop, because it has given me an excuse to stay up and craft!  Thanks so much!  Ok now on to my project...

I don't know about you but the holidays tend to become so busy that the true meaning of the season gets lost in the shuffle.  When I was trying to think of a project for this hop, I decided to center it around my family...

Here is what Michelle (my 3yr old) and I came up with...
~~Our Family's 25 Days of Togetherness~~
~~25 days of Family time...10 mins a day...for the 25 days prior to Christmas~~

I just love my family...but our family is busy we often do not even get to eat dinner together.
Each day during the month of December, my son or daughter will peel the number of the appropriate day of the month..and behind each number will be a name of an activity...Here is an example of some of I came up with:  

Ornaments (Make and Decorate ornaments)
Garland (Popcorn garland)
Egg Nog (Try egg nog and see if we like it)
Christmas sock hop (Entire family puts on Christmas socks I bought and  dance to holiday tunes)
Reindeer Games (Wii game system)
Candy Cane Hunt (Hide candy canes throughout the house for kids to find)
Gingerbread House
Lights (Drive around the neighborhood area and look at lights.)
Etc..Etc...just some quick activities to get the family together.

It's just a time to focus on spending time together...even if it's only for a few minutes.

Well, for Day 1 ... We made ornaments.  At first when I suggested the entire family gather in the dining room for crafts, you would have thought I asked them to do laundry...

but once we got started, it was so nice to all be in a room together doing an activity.  

The highlight of the evening was when my daughter said, "I love the family.  Family do dis together, ok?"
She expressed on more than one occasion how much she loved our "family" (a word she just now started using a lot) being together.  It was really nice..despite the looks on my guys' faces. LOL.

I asked each person to cut out 3 random or same shapes...and decorate them any way they like...
 My daughter went crazy with the Stickles and rhinestones.  My sons used up the remaining rhinestones to make a tree..and then drew a cross and what he says is Santa's "foot" coming down the chimney..I don't see it. LOL.  My hubby didn't have the patience to work with he just punched hearts and wrote our names on them.  The one that says, "Dad Loves Mom" is of course my favorite! :)
 I took a little more time than the rest and made a Snowman, Christmas Tree, and Star using my Stickle collection..This photo is a bit dull but if you saw these in person, they just sparkle so nicely!  I love bling!
I will have to ask for Stickles for my birthday, which is in December. We used alot for this project.
 Once we made the shape, I applied a generous amount of tape runner (ATG) to the back and cut some rainbow thread.  I punched the same shape out and glued it to the back.

My daughter has a little tree in her she made it clear that all of these are to go on "her" tree.  I nicely corrected her and said these are our ornaments, so we will be sharing them...thank you very much! :) LOL

Although my project and ornaments may not exactly be worthy of this awesome blog hop, they were made with alot of love and certainly meant alot to me..

I hope you don't mind my sharing this with you!

May you also get the opportunity to enjoy time with your family this holiday season..for truly that is what the holidays are supposed to be all about!!!

Please stop by here on Saturday...All comments left on my SATURDAY POST..will be entered into a chance for $30 gift certificate to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Thanks again for HOPPING by. :)  

~~Angie, ATuttleTime~~


Pat N. said...

What a precious story. And the family ornaments are terrific!--Pat N.

Queenie said...

Hi Angie,
What a beautiful idea and some treasured time to be spent together and treasured keepsake ornaments this!!
After getting my own post up after a delay i have really enjoyed popping round everyones blogs and oohing and ahhing at all the projects.
Have a great weekend.

Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Angie, your project is such a great idea! I love the ornaments your family made. What they will treasure most is the memory of these times. Beautiful job!

Becki said...

I love doing family stuff together. I can usually get my 15 yr old son to help me glue something here or there if I am in a rush. Mostly we just do Biology experiments together, not as fun as crafting. LOL

Jamie - oohLaLaPaperie said...

i just looooooove this entire post! i love that you sat your family down to craft with you. i can definitely see myself doing this! hahaha! thanks so much for sharing.


Bee's hive said...

You're project is more worthy than you think sweet lady! I love doing things like this with the kids...usually during the Christmas break we do shrinky dinks, gingerbread house, cookie decorating, while Mommy has her special drink ;) This is a perfect idea for everyone to replicate no matter if you celebrate Christmas or time is precious and there's just something about sitting around that table- being creative, talking, and just enjoying that time. It's precious idea and so are you xoxo

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

I have enjoyed looking through your blog,am doing blog hop.....
luv ur 25 days fantastic idea.x

TT said...

love the family pics and great ideas. i am sure DEEP down the guys liked it too. :)

Bee Burg said...

Angie you daughter looks a lot like Amelie, Thienly's daughter, on those pictures! :-D
This is a beautiful project and a wonderful idea! I love all those activities you came up with. this is great! :-D

Rhonda Miller said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun. These are the moments that make the holidays special. TFS.

lindaplus3 said...

what a beautiful idea ,,,, such a great thing when families come together on something...:) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

Cher's Studio said...

There is nothing more precious than family time! I love the projects your kids made. Each one is so adorable!

Cher :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Thank you for the story...