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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ever hear of a "Paint-n-Party"?

Neither had I since this past Friday...
Never one to pass up a chance to get creative, I joined several of my friends from Hope Church last Friday for an event called "Paint-n-Party."    (Debi and her daughter Randi were my tablemates!)

We all started with a blank canvas arranged in "portrait" layout.  
Then, we were given squirts of yellow, red, white, and dark brown paint.
As I squirted out my paint, I suddenly got a flashback of a tole painting class I took 10 years ago.  Tole painting is a folk artsy, country way of painting that was popular back in the 90's.

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After TWO month-long classes and several attempts at artwork, I quit and never picked up a paint brush again until last Friday!  I silently panicked, "What in the WORLD was I doing here...?"

I already paid my I plugged along.  The instructor then told the group to mix a little yellow with white to make a bright fresco yellow (if that is a color)  kind of like this flower's color:
...or...mix any color we want.
While the majority of the class followed the guidance of our instructor, I decided I didn't like yellow... so, being the rebel without a cause that I am, I chose to create my own shade...of....tan fresco.... I should have just stopped right here....

After the "tan fresco" dried, the instructor asked us to create flowers out of paper towels and LIGHTLY dip them into the white and brown paints...Then, we were to randomly apply said towel to the canvas...I'm sure you heard my moans, as I followed the instructor and patted my canvas.... sentiments exactly!  I was not happy with this at all....but then...she asked to use to the red to paint on a heart.
The instructor asked us to trace the heart, using a template that she laid on the table....Again, being ME, I painted my heart free hand.  It turned out ok, but it was too as she went on about swirls and lines and more pats of color.  All I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher and just went with it....
Debi's picture is what the picture was SUPPOSED to look like...Mine was well...another version.
Next time...well, there will probably not be a next time.  I'm retiring my paint brush....  LOL!
I did have fun and enjoyed the time with my more compliant and artistic friends.

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