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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Up until this past weekend, I suffered from a bad case of catch 22...
Despite my efforts to recycle and reuse my scraps, my scraps were in such disarray that I would give up digging through my envelope of scraps...I'd grumble and procrastinate to myself that,
"ONE OF THESE DAYS (not today but some day...), I have GOT to do something about these stinkin' scraps!"
UGH!!!!  Then, I'd just grap another full sheet of paper..make my 3inch cut into a 12x12 sheet of paper...put those new scraps into my scrap envelope!  My scraps were turning into a pile of cr.... Well, you know!

A couple of weekends ago, I was at a crop...One of my tablemates, Dayna, told me that she organizes her scraps by color and keeps them in separate envelopes.  Seems so simple...and I do that with my normal, uncut papers...But, for some reason, I never thought of organizing my scraps by color...

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Well, "some day" was this past Sunday evening....I took my Creative Memories DecoFile folders, labeled them by color, and sorted my scraps by color family. 
My DecoFile folders have 3 pockets, so I put colors I use a lot together in the same group, like pink and purple...turquoise and blue...yellow and and white.

Now, my scraps are nicely organized in a way so that I can find and USE them!  Aaaahhh...much better!


Crystal said...

You go girl..... I use a crate and have manilla folders in them and sort mine by color too!!!

Great job!!!

Natasha said...

Oh yes, the dreaded scrap pile. I've been meaning to do something with mine. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

thanks for sharing, and thanks for the comment on my blog, I am now a follower with you, please come follow me I love to meet to people here thanks again hugs, Debbie

Kopperhead said...

From someone who never throws anything away (but needs to start) you should see my scrap pile! What I do is when watching DVD's with hubby or he is watching football game, I bring my paper trimmer and favorite punches to the couch, along with my scraps. I cut pieces that can be cut into a card base rectangle or square and have a supply of card front bases, and punch the other smaller pieces. Then I can sit and layer flowers with buttons or beads, layer butterflies, etc. and have a lot of ready embellies on hand.
Sorry I rambled on....