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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eyes of a Child

My 3yr old, Michelle, loves to color, draw, and "make cards."  If I even say the word "cards," she immediately marches upstairs for my craft closet.  She loves coloring with my expensive markers and cardstock (LOL!) to draw me a "PICK-cher." 

I walked in from work this evening, and she ran to me holding her latest abstract collection of circles in red, blue, and green on white scrap paper. I was so impressed with it that I decided right there to include her artwork in my next few card projects. 

For the first project, I decided to participate in Ruth's cool Tacky Tuesday Challenge currently posted on her SeptemberNinth blog. This month's challenge involved a berry or fruit of any kind and using the word, "Berry."  Using my sweet little girls artwork, I created this month's challenge...... 
Michelle's abstract artwork serves as the background paper.  I placed that on top of a royal blue cardstock cut at 4 x 6 rectangle.  This will be a great card for her grandparents, who we miss "berry" much.

Next, Michelle requested that I cut out some butterflies for grandma (who LOVES butterflies).  She also wanted to "color" them, so at her request, I cut a "Mama" and "baby" butterfly...which she then colored, scribbled on.  I tried to touch them up a bit, but it still has her "touch."  I think Grandma will be pleased...The inside will read, "Fluttering by...just to say Hi!"

I love doing things like this with my kids...not too long ago (earlier this year), I actually convinced/bribed my son to make a card for another SeptemberNinth Challenge....
Got to keep those artistic "juices" flowing somehow! :) 

Until next time, Angie


Pam said...

Using your daughter's art work is fabulous! The cards came out so special. This would great for a Nannie or Poppie! Your son's card is really sweet too. I am your newest follower, and a new blogger, would love for you to visit and follow me too. Pam at

Irina Blount said...

Angie, this is awesome how you used your daughters art for your card!! Did you know that we now have a children's blog at La-La Land Crafts? Just let your daughter play with any of our images and you can enter her into the contests!! Maybe you can even bribe your son to participate too ;-)

Here is the link .

:) Irina