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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Never-Ending / Everlasting Bday Card

If you have ever wanted to try a fun, easy card design, you must give the Never-Ending / Everlasting / Endless card a try....It's called "endless" or "never-ending," because as you keep flipping and flipping to reveal the designs over and over again.  Because it's just easier to show than to explain, please check out my quick vid:

This card looks more difficult than it was to make...In fact, I would say it was one of the easiest I've made.  The only challenge is coming up with 4 designs and getting all the pieces set up in the right direction so that words aren't upside down.  To me, that was fun.  The best and easiest to follow directions were at Robin's Craft Room.  She did the best job at explaining the process.  I am simple and need simple, clear instructions.

Here is each flap...I used somewhat stiff cardstock to ensure the card was sturdy.  A cool, college student friend of mine drew the dragon...I colored it in image with markers.  I added some paper ribbon and accented things with Stickles.  I love sparkle.
The person I made this card for loves red, purple, and I incorporated those colors into this card.  She loved it.

I made this Dragon card for a neighbor friend, Ashleigh.  She said it was, BY FAR, the coolest card she has ever seen....You know, it must be cool if a 12 yr old says it is.  LOL!
Hope you get a chance to try the card...It was fun and the recipient will LOVE it!  ~ Angie


. said...

Great job! Love the papers you chose. I made one of these for my brother for his birthday.
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Crystal said...

I did one of these and it was so much fun to make...

Rachel said...

I've never seen that sort of card before, but wow, is that awesome! Can you show me how to make it when you come?