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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interactive Cards Blog Hop Winners...

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Monday, August 22, 2011





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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interactive Card Blog Hop, Day 2

Hi Crafters!  Thanks for stopping by...This is the second (Day 2) of my posts for the Interactive Card Blog Hop.  If you haven't seen Day 1, please be sure to continue on down below after this post.  For a chance to win "blog candy," please be sure to visit and leave comments in BOTH posts and become a follower, if not already.  You have arrived at stop# 11 and should have come from Heather's fabulous blog, Operationcricutdesign. If you stumbled upon my blog, I highly encourage you to start from our hostess, the awesome and talented, Monica, from Scraps2Treasure.

Welcome to DAY 2 of the coolest blog hop that I've ever been invited to participate.  I cannot get over the amazing cards my blog friends have created for this hop.  I am so excited and cannot wait to make some of them over the next few months!!!!  Cardmaking is such a fun hobby, but making cards that ARE fun...priceless!  Many many thanks to Monica, our awesome hostess for coming up with such a cool blog line up.  Assembling such an event was no easy task!!! rock Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok, on to my card creation....As with my Day 1 creation, this is my first time trying the "SWING/FLIP" card...Despite the fact that at several times this week, I have questioned my sanity and what have I gotten myself into in preparing for this blog hop???  I am so hooked on these interactive, fun cards...and who doesn't love a fun challenge!!!  Certainly I here we go......

This card is for my sister's bday next month...
Closed front cover of card
This is the opened, inside of the to write/type in a note.
 To see how this card "flips" open, please check out my short video of the card in "action."

I am so grateful to all the crafty ladies who don't mind sharing how to replicate their creations...I found some excellent instructions for this card, complete with materials list, template, step-by-step photo instructions AND video.  Can't beat that...It can be found on the Splitcoast Stampers tutorials by clicking here!  Their site is awesome, with so many instructions!!!  The video was very helpful to watch after reading through the instructions.  There is a template on the website, which was invaluable at showing how to cut/score the card.  The materials I used are:
1 piece of 5 1/2" x 6 3/4" cardstock for the card base
2 pieces of 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" cardstock for the first layer of the inside card (the portion the flips)
2 pieces of 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" cardstock for the center message

  •  Optional:  Add 1 pieces of accent paper to go behind the center message... 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" approx. 

  • Embellishments, I used flowers and Stickles.

    All the cards I make are with someone specific in mind.  As I mentioned earlier, this is a card for my sister's birthday.  Growing up, she and I used to love a song called "The Tree Song."  For some reason, over the past few weeks this song has popped up in my head as I have spoken to her.  I plan to type the chorus of the song for the inside of the card. 

    For the cover artwork, I used the Serenade Cricut cartridge to cut a 2 inch tree...Then, I used my watercolor color pencils to draw a peaceful nature scene and Stickles to add some bling.  I purposely kept the card fairly simple and peaceful...with a hint of sparkle.  I think she will love it....

    and I hope you do, too!  This was a fun card to make...You should really try it some time! 
    Please check out this blog during the hop today... I am not sure the address was listed before:

    You won't want to miss her!!

    Thanks again for stopping by...Read on below, if you have not already, for a chance to win...Look forward to all the sweet comments!!! 
    big hug Pictures, Images and Photos

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Interactive Blog Hop - Stop# 11, DAY 1

    Welcome to the coolest blog hop that I've ever been invited to participate in featuring interactive that move, pop up, fold in interesting ways, or look 3-D.  I personally cannot WAIT to see what my brave and talented blog friends have come up with! 

    You have arrived at stop# 11 and should have come from Heather's fabulous blog, Operationcricutdesign.  If you stumbled upon my blog, I highly encourage you to start from our hostess, the awesome and talented, Monica, from Scraps2Treasure.

    For Day 1 of this 2-day blog hop, I chose Diamond Pop-Up / Spring Card
    So much of this card is new to me...This is the first time I have tried to make the Diamond Pop-up/Spring card.  Although it took me a while to figure it out, I love how it pops out of the envelope and stands up.  I didn't get a chance to add a sentiment, but this card is going to friend, who's having a birthday.  The image is a digi-stamp from LaLa Land Crafts.  I just love their little Marci character.  This is the "Birthday Marci."  To see how the card works, click the 30 second video below:

    Tools you will need: Paper trimmer, Scoreboard (I use the Martha one)
    Base of Card:  5” x 10” strip (Recommend a solid 2-sided cardstock)
    Accent pieces: 
      2 – 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” squares design/patterned paper (Cut diagonal to make two triangles ea.)
      1 – 3 ¼” x 3 ¼” square solid color paper
      1 – 3” x 3” square solid color paper (Recommend same as base color)
      1 – 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” square solid color paper (Use for stamped or other design)

    STEPS TO MAKE CARD:  I highly recommend looking for a video on YouTube or Split Coast Stampers for how to make a “Spring” or “Diamond Spring/Pop Up” card.  I found an awesome one here from Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts.  What a great YouTube channel filled with videos on how to make some really cool cards! 

    At first, I struggled with this card, even with Dawn’s helpful video.  To further help you, I have added some photos and tips below.  Once you view Dawn’s short video and use my tips, making the card will be a breeze…It's such a fun card, and you will just love how it turns out!

    o  Place base paper (5x10) onto scoreboard…Score paper at 2 ½” and 5”:

    o  TIP:   Make light pencil marks at 2 ½” score line (A1, top + A2, bottom) and at 7 ½” score line (B2, top + B1, bottom)...
    o Putting these marks will provide place to line up paper on score board, when scoring a line for folding large diagonal creases.

    Tip:  Use bone scoring tool for a nice, smooth crease.  The better the crease, the cleaner the folds will be for the card.

    o  To cut top point of diamond (which is the center front of card).  Align the B1 mark and C along the cutting edge of trimmer, then make the cut.

    **  IMPORTANT TIP:  This step was not featured on the video, but I HIGHLY recommend it to ensure nice straight creases, to help the diamond pop up straight.  Rather than just fold the paper at the diagonals, score the line first using the pencil marks I mention above.  Just align the paper at a diagonal keeping the two opposite pencil marks (A1 and B2, for example) in same score line.  Once they line up, hold paper down firmly and score a line...(Tip:  To ensure papers line up properly, I drew lines on every inch of my scoreboard.)

    Once you have the lines scored, fold down creases firmly with scoring tool. 

    o  The diagonal score lines should be folded to a nice clean crease. The creases should create a nice clean "X" right on the 5" Score line.

    o  Fold in sides to form the "spring"...
    Fold that bottom flap under and glue bottom triangle to that flap...

    o  Now, you have the base of the diamond pop up card...embellish and have fun!

    For the envelope, you will want to use 5 1/2 square.
    Hope you like the card!  It was a fun challenge...Now for Blog Candy:  Two opportunities:

    1.  Michael's Gift Card, $15 (If you don't have a Michael's near you, I will work to get you another craft store's card).
    2.  La La Land Crafts,  Two of any DIGI's (individual selections only, not collections..My faves are Marci).

    In order to win these items, you MUST:  Visit my posts on both Day 1 AND Day 2;  leave a comment on both posts, AND become a follower, if not already.  I will verify this and using will pick the winner.  PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR BLOG AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment field so that I can contact the winners. 

    Good Luck! :))  Thanks for stopping by!
    ~ Angie ~

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Eyes of a Child

    My 3yr old, Michelle, loves to color, draw, and "make cards."  If I even say the word "cards," she immediately marches upstairs for my craft closet.  She loves coloring with my expensive markers and cardstock (LOL!) to draw me a "PICK-cher." 

    I walked in from work this evening, and she ran to me holding her latest abstract collection of circles in red, blue, and green on white scrap paper. I was so impressed with it that I decided right there to include her artwork in my next few card projects. 

    For the first project, I decided to participate in Ruth's cool Tacky Tuesday Challenge currently posted on her SeptemberNinth blog. This month's challenge involved a berry or fruit of any kind and using the word, "Berry."  Using my sweet little girls artwork, I created this month's challenge...... 
    Michelle's abstract artwork serves as the background paper.  I placed that on top of a royal blue cardstock cut at 4 x 6 rectangle.  This will be a great card for her grandparents, who we miss "berry" much.

    Next, Michelle requested that I cut out some butterflies for grandma (who LOVES butterflies).  She also wanted to "color" them, so at her request, I cut a "Mama" and "baby" butterfly...which she then colored, scribbled on.  I tried to touch them up a bit, but it still has her "touch."  I think Grandma will be pleased...The inside will read, "Fluttering by...just to say Hi!"

    I love doing things like this with my kids...not too long ago (earlier this year), I actually convinced/bribed my son to make a card for another SeptemberNinth Challenge....
    Got to keep those artistic "juices" flowing somehow! :) 

    Until next time, Angie

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    I'm a Guest Blogger...

    Happy Monday, Everyone!

    Jennifer from Crafty Card Gallery asked that I fill in as a guest blogger this week while she is out enjoying some time away!  I am a bit intimidated by taking on this task, because I am so new to card making and so many of you are absolutely fabulous at it...I just started making cards this year, in fact.  Before, my cards looked like something my 3yr old would make, maybe even worse.  LOL!...something kind of like this...

    Thankfully, I am fairly creative and a fast learner, so I've graduated a bit to create cards that look a little better than my 3yr old made. :)    Since I am tasked with blogging all week, I decided to challenge myself to make cards using new techniques that I have never tried...which is most of what I found on youtube and other blogs.  My latest creations were inspired by the wonderful Mary from CardzTV.  I just love her blog, because I really learn best by video....check her out, if you haven't before!  Anyway, on to my latest creations...

    I have seen Z-fold Cards before, but I didn't really get the point of them.  Watching the video really helped me see the interactive quality and coolness of these types of cards.  Now, I think I am hooked.  I made a couple of them this past weekend...If you also need some instructions on how to make a Z-fold (or S-fold), check out CardzTV

    This one will be an inspirational/encouragement card for my grandfather, who just found out he has cancer....I just love the colors.  I used a brown and cream swirl paper on white...
    Then, I found some really nice sky blue paper that I just love and must get more of next time I'm at Michael's.  I only had one piece!  It looks just like the sky and happens to be my favorite color.  I punched a small yellow circle for the sun and added some glitter to it, so it really shines like the sun.  I used the palm tree from my favorite Hula girl stamp set from Stampin Up and cut it with my Bumble Bee scissors...I colored the tree using watercolor pencils and markers and added some pop dots.  I am going to print off a Bible verse and write up some encouraging words to go on the inside.

    This cute and colorful...overly embellished card (on purpose) for my 7yr old niece, Brianna.  I think she will love these bright colors....I simply adore the little butterfly and turtle that I cut from my favorite Cricut cartridge, Create a Critter....

    The main feature of a Z-fold card is that the outside shape (rectangle or square) or character should also have the same shape and size go on the inside.  It can sometimes be difficult to ensure they overlap properly.  The easiest way I've found to line them both up is to first put down the inside it, as needed.  Then, line up the one on top.  Once you do that, it's a breeze.

    I just love Z-fold cards, now...Hope you do, too!  Until tomorrow... Angie