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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wanna Thank You...

This year, inspired by a New Year's Thank-You Blog Hop I found on FB, I decided to make all of my Christmas thank-you cards.  I had some rare free time yesterday, so I made a few of the cards.  This fish is probably my favorite one so far...It's not really a Thank-You card, but it's for someone we visited with during the holidays! 
Card is made of turquoise cardstock cut in a long rectangle, scored, and folded in half.  Inside was cut using the "Alphalicious" Cricut cartridge and says...
My favorite Cricut cartridge by far is the "Create-A-Critter."  It makes a huge assortment of cutesy animals with accessories, backgrounds, and phrases.  Each one has turned out so cute, that I can't wait to find a use for all of them.
How do you like this cute little "ewe," which I recently discovered means female sheep.  Guess I'm going to need to add a bow to it...
I loved the colors on this Elephant card so much that I made two of them...It's hard to see, but the black paper has silver  circles that glitter in light.  I LOVE anything that glitters and sparkles, so I had fun with this one.  The elephant was pretty fun to cut out, too.  The pink just adds the right touch!  The card is folded like a matchbook, so the card can stand up....the outside says, "We had tons..." (I cut the letters using the Alphabet from the Cricut "Wild Card" cartridge)
When you open the first flap, it continues, "...of fun!"  Then the bottom flap, which would be the bottom of the inside of the card (matchbook), says, "Thanks!"
For Christmas, I bought an adorable set of snowmen clear stamps from Skipping Stones Design.   I made my coworkers some "Snowman Poo" cards with them.  This was my first time using clear stamps, and now I am completely hooked!  How cool is it to be able to see where you are stamping?!   The stamp designs peel off a plastic sheet and then you stick it to a clear acrylic block (mine has lines on it).  Anyway, I now love stamping and plan to add to may clear stamp collection...but I digress...Just because Christmas has gone, I had to find one last use for my snowman...and here it is. 

 The collection came with a cute anecdote, "Thanks SNOW much!..." The stylish scarf has polka dots, so I colored the scarf the same colors as in the patterned paper that I used.  Then, to add an extra touch, I made snow out of dots of glitter glue.  The picture does not reflect the sweet glittery snow flakes...but trust me, it's cute!
The snowman cards are the easiest one of this group, and I love working with the clear stamps...I will make several more of those to give away to family.  After making some gift cards and these thank-you cards, I am psyched to make some birthday cards...I also signed up for a Cricut Card and a Spring/Easter Critter exchange through FB.  I am also starting an card exchange through friends on FB, too.  The Cricut, Stamps, and card-making has really opened the door to a fun new world for me....COME JOIN ME! :)

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