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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to Whitney!

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Welcome to Whitney's Birthday party Blog Hop!
I had a bit of a challenge thinking of what to make for Whitney. She is an animal lover, but most of the animal stamps or Cricut cartridges I have are a bit too young and whimsical for a 16 year old! I wanted my card to be special...age appropriate, inspirational, and sweet. Finally, when I learned that her favorite color was green and that she liked nature/animals and also the color red, I decided to go with a green tree with red apples. I cut the tree from the Simply Charmed Cricut Cartridge and glued on 16 "apples" which are really small, bright red beads.

Unfortunately, I only took a photo of the card at night in my craft room and wthout the I'm sorry that it's rather plain and dark. I was in such a hurry to get the card in the mail that I didn't get a photo of the finished card!
At the bottom front of the card, I put some burgundy reddish paper down that tied perfectly with the beaded apples...added the verse from Psalm 1:3... a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.

When I was 16, I was babysitting my little sisters when I came across this album from Evie. (Note to Whitney: This is a record...We didn't have iPods and CD's back then. Ha! Ha!)  
Anyway, I played the album and I fell in love with the song called, "The Tree Song." You can hear the song and a beautiful tree slideshow here. The words really made an impact on me. I printed a copy of these words on the inside of Whitney's card.

Tree Song  By:  Ken Medema

I saw a tree by the riverside
one day as I walked along.
Straight as an arrow and pointing to the sky
growing tall and strong.
"How do you grow so tall and strong?"
I said to the riverside tree.

This is the song that my tree friend sang to me:
I've got roots growing down to the water,
I've got leaves growing up to the sunshine,
and the fruit that I bear is a sign of the life in me.
I am shade from the hot summer sundown.
I am nest for the birds of the heavens.
I'm becoming what the Lord of trees 
has meant me to be:

A strong young tree!

From that point on in my life, I wanted to be a "strong young tree!" I survived a bit of a drought and almost suffered root rot at one point, but after being "transplanted" to sunnier, more peaceful place, I have thrived! :)

My sincerest hope and prayer is that Whitney grows and thrives into a beautiful, healthy, strong young tree!!!

Happy Birthday, Whitney!!! I hope you also like these pair of earrings I made just for you...
If you would like a chance to win your own pair of earrings like these, 
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    Rachelle said...

    Thank You so much Angie, Your card is absolutely beautiful! I am a big Evie fan and wasn't sure I ever heard that song then reading the lyrics I said oh yes! Thank You so much for being part of this hop and your wonderful words of wisdom and love to her..Thankyou for the beautiful earrings too!

    Her Craftiness (Lynne) said...

    Your card and sentiment is absolutely beautiful!!! You were right, as it is very difficult to come up with a purrfect card for a "sweet 16" girl but what you have done is wonderful! I had never heard that song before and enjoyed listening to it. Your earrings are beautiful that you had made also!!! You are one very talented creative person and its a pleasure hopping with you!!!
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
    Her Craftiness

    Ellen Jarvis said...

    What a beautiful card and perfect sentiment for a 16-year old living in God's world. I'm sure she'll love the very special earrings too!! I too do some beading, but principally make my own card pins. I like the simplicity of these earrings you've made.

    It's always a pleasure hopping with you!!


    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

    The card is so cute!! Oh and the earing are beautiful!! Im a new follower

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

    Rachelle said...

    Angie she really liked your card and the saying inside, and loves the earrings.
    Thank you again so much!

    M&Ddesigns said...

    Your card is beautiful & the bible verse is perfect. I remember Evie! You did a wonderful job on all of the crafting; the card, sentiment & the beautiful earrings!

    It is nice to participate in the hop with you, Angie!

    Happy Hopping!! ~Beth & Emily

    PS- We are followers on GFC!

    rlovew said...

    Lovely work. The card and song are sweet and the earings are beautiful.

    Shawnee said...

    Very pretty card and song. I haven't heard Evie in a long time. I am sure Whitney will love the earrings you made for her as well.

    Jenny A said...

    Oh my gosh!! I LOVE the ear rings!! You did a great job on the card too!!!

    Brenda said...

    What a great card and I just loved the song and the meaning behind the song!! What a great wish for Whitney!!nornerse rsomenti

    silvia said...

    Pretty card!! Beautiful earrings!!

    Ashley Nicole said...

    Cute card. So nice being in the hop with you.

    Suzanne said...

    Where do I begin. Love the card, the song, the wish for Whitney and the adorable earrings. Great jobQ

    abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

    Great tree cut! Love the apples!

    Andrea Washington said...

    Wow, how beautiful everything is made, and it reflects the image of GOD, I love the earrings and of course the song and the card, it is beautiful...

    awashingtontx34 at gmail dot com

    AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

    Awesome Card!! I love the glossy accents you used and your poem is great for this card. And I know Whitney will love her earrings. TFS AJ~

    Megan Aaron said...

    those earrings are fabulous!

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