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Friday, September 16, 2011

Banna Boo Birthday...

When my sister, Rach, called me this afternoon to ask for an idea for a ears perked up!  I love a good challenge, esp one involving paper! :)  She is planning a birthday party for my niece, Brianna..who we lovingly call, "Banna Boo...Miss Boo..Queen Boo..."
 (Whatever her royal highness is going by these days! LOL!) 

Anyway, her bday is coming up in a few weeks, so my sister wanted an easy-to-make birthday invitation with a mermaid on it.  I did a Google search for "Mermaid" and "Clam" Coloring Pages...This is what I found...and they were free.
I cut and pasted them into PowerPoint to manipulate the angle and sizes of the images...The clam was facing the opposite way, and I wanted it to be at the correct angle to match the way the mermaid was sitting.  Once I was happy with that, I printed the images out onto plain white paper and then cut the images out.  Colored them with Copic markers and water color pencils.   I backed the Mermaid in dark brown card stock and trimmed it along the edges...For the shell, I colored it blue and then pasted the shell on a scrap piece of blue card stock...
I measured (eye-balled) a spot on my Martha scoreboard, just above the tip of the shell...SCORE! (sorry Football on the brain)...
This score line will be the top crease of the card. 
I wanted the card to be the shape of the shell, so once the image was glued to the blue paper and while the paper is folded in half, I cut along the edge of the shell.  Doing this ensure both top and bottom will match.
Then, I attached Ms. Mermaid to the shell using pop dots to give it some dimension.  I went Stickle-crazy on the mermaids bikini top and fins.  You should see it sparkle under the light.  So cool...I love bling! :)
The invite info would go inside the card...but to add some extra fun and surprise, I used my frosted, pearly white Stickle and glopped a big dot on the inside flap.  It's a PEARL!  It looks really cool, but I would have rather used a pearl bead or a pearl sticker.  It still looks cute enough for our little princess, Boo!!!

Have a Happy Birthday, Miss Boo!!!...Lots of love and hugs from your Auntie Angie!


Rachel said...


(Can I please have seven? :)

Mine will NEVER look as cool as yours.

Jolanda said...

What a great idea with the pearl!! your invites are so beautiful - I would certainly come to the party after receiving such a gogeous invite!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, Angie - I LOVE this!! WOW, you did an amazing job! This is the cutest, most creative card! I love all the sparkle!! You can tell you put alot of thought and hard work into this gorgeous card! It is simply stunning! I hope your niece has a very happy bday!! :)