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Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello and Welcome to the Trick or Treat Blog Hop!!  The fun begins here at Stop# 1.  We have a fabulous group of ladies (Perfect 10).  Here is a list of bloggers:

(1) Angie: TuttleTime, (YOU ARE HERE)

(2) Sarah: Simply Sarah

(3) Crystal: Rustic Daisy

(4) Natasha: Crafting With Natasha

(5) Alyssa: My Thoughts Exactly

(6) Monica: Scraps 2 Treasure

(7) Elaine: Expressions by Elaine

(8) Mary: Mare Bear Scraps

(9) Wendy and Gilby: Gilby's Craftster

10) Shar: Scrapendipity

If for some reason, there is a disconnect or missing post… Please stop back here to find the next blogger.  

You don’t want to miss out on chances to win one of the following TREATS:

* Tammy Levy from Nesting Pretty is donating a gorgeous necklace

* Digi-Stamp set is worth $5 (winner picks) from Jess Weible at JW Illustrations

* $10 shopping spree from Etsy (any vendor)

Just be sure you leave a comment on each blog and become a follower!

We were challenged to create a fun, quick, and simple Trick~or~Treat card or project.  I am a room mom for my son’s class, so I am desperate to find a quick and easy project to pass out to his class.  I cannot wait to see what everyone has created.  For my project, I created treat holders using CD envelopes…

Here are the supplies I used:

CD Envelopes
4 ¾ inch squares cardstock (insert in envelope)
Halloween character stickers
Halloween ribbon
Halloween Stamps
Pop Dots

 Start with a boring CD envelope...
 Cut out a 4 3/4" square piece of cardstock.
 Add adhesive to the back and slide paper into CD envelope...
 I love my Xyron...I put the ribbon through the machine.  The ribbon becomes like a sticker.  
 The ribbon was cut a little bigger than the width of the envelope so they cut be foleded under and hide under the flap of the envelope.  To add some bling, I used Stickles to fill in some of the dots.  Each envelope I either did the orange, green, or purple dots.  It added a nice accent.
 You can use any Halloween stickers or cut some out on your Cricut.  I found these adorable ones at Archiver's.  They were so colorful and fun...I couldn't resist!
I also found this clear stamp set at Archiver's.  I thought it'd go well with the cute figures.

I made 10 of these in about 2 fun and easy!

Fill with candy or cookies.  I filled mine with Halloween cookies…Fun!
Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoy this quick and easy hop.  Good luck on a chance to win "TREATS."  Don't forget to leave a comment here and on every page and become a follower, if not already!  Winners will be announced Monday!

Now, it's time to fly on over to...Sarah.

If a link in this hop is not working, please come back here to see who is the next blogger...All bloggers are listed above.

Hope you have a 
Hauntingly Happy Halloween!!
~ Angie ~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gigi's Winner...

Thanks for leaving your email address...I will be in touch soon!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


For Gilby's Doggie Walk (Makeover Blog Hop), please click here..

Please join us for Trick-or-Treating this upcoming weekend!   

You are invited to our Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop. Our challenge is to create Trick or Treat themed cards, treat holders, bags, or treat boxes....Something fun, cute, and quick and easy to make that incorporate our favorite thing about Halloween....CANDY!

Blog Hop ~ October 1-2

Blog Hop Line Up:
(1) Angie: TuttleTime, 
(2) Sarah: Simply Sarah,
(3) Crystal: Rustic Daisy,
(4) Natasha: Crafting With Natasha,
(5) Angela: Creative Craftin, 
(6) Monica: Scraps 2 Treasure,
(7) Elaine: Expressions by Elaine,
(8) Mary: Mare Bear Scraps,
(9) Wendy:
(10) Theresa:

We have some talented and crafty ladies in the blog line up. I hope you will join in the fun...and if you'd like to invite a friend to participate, feel free to invite them. 

It will be a real SWEET and HOWLIN' good time!!!!   Angie

Friday, September 23, 2011


Yip, yip! J I’m Gigi…My friend, Gilby, invited me and several of my distant cousins to be a stop on “Gilby’s Doggie Walk” or what you humans call, a BLOG HOP.  Grab your leash and sniff around for a collection of great cards, scrapbooking ideas, and other creative treats… and speaking of TREATS!  Check out these cool Doggie Treats!!! (not just for doggies!  They are cool to all creatures! J) 
  •  VK Design Co. Blog Button (our Very own Veronica)
·         Buggaboo Stamps 7 Digi Stamps of Winners Choice
·         Jen's Digi Stamps 5 Digi Stamps of Winners Choice
·         Cutting Cafe' 3 SVG Files of Winners Choice
·         My Creative Time Stamp Set (All Around Christmas)
·         My Pink Stamper Stamp Set (Punnylicious)
·         Peechy Keen Stamps 2 Stamp Sets (Brand new Happy Go Lucky Dog Face Assortment & the same set but in the 1 1/8" size)
·         Our Craft Lounge Stamp Set (Pretty and Pampered)
·         Pink By Design $15 Gift Certificate to Her Store
·         Gilbyscraftster 3 Cricut Cartridges The Limited Winter Collection, Cricut Color Markers,
·         "Tarte" Clay Mascara (love)

(For chances to win these WHOOFin good treats, please become a follower and leave a comment all along the walk!)

Many thanks to Gilby and his Mom, Wendy, for inviting us to this walk and for fetching these cool treats!!!  Lots of hard work putting this together…and big Whooofs go to the fabulous sponsors who tossed us these awesome treats!!!! grab that leash’s time to start walking!
The theme of today’s walk is “Makeover.”  Don’t you love those makeover shows on T.V. where the place is a mess one minute and then 30mins later the place is like new?!  Well, we do…Mom has been working very late all month, because of this...
She would come home in a rather cross mood after dealing with all this paper...She told me that it's all this boring black and white paper that drives her to make colorful cards and scrapbooking.  Anyway, this past week, Mom finished her year end work, and now her desk at work looks like this!

Nice, huh?!  Now that Mom has cleared her desk off at work, she and I started sniffing around our house..and came across THIS pile of doggie…um!  Well…

 Our DVD shelf in our Rec Room was a WRECK!  Doesn’t this look much better?!

One night, as I was chilling out by Mom's feet as she was creating a card for her friend in our craft closet....Suddenly, I sniffed this…………ugh!
Over the past few years, we have saved our digital photos on CD’s…. A doggie up the street told me about these things called an external drive, so I suggested that Mom.  It's nice and toasty to sit on... :) 

It’s amazing how many years worth of photos we came across.  That’s when I nuzzled Mom into making a scrapbook page in celebration of her and Dad’s 8th anniversary…which is in October! 

She used some cool paper with words like “time, weeks, minutes, etc.” and made a little clock…TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE WITH THOSE YOU Y!  Mom plans to give this to Dad in a frame that holds Scrapbook pages.  She plans to make pages at least once a month to display special occasions…When we are done with the page, it will go in our family scrapbook!  Great idea…much better than having the photos rot on some old CD, right?! J

I hope you have been nuzzled into making over some of your cluttered space.  Who know’s you may find some lost photos or make some room for more treats!

I hope you enjoyed our stop today!!!  If for some reason, you get lost chasing your own tail…Here is a list of all the bloggers:

Wendy:  (My cool, cuz, Gilby!)

Angie:  (That’s us!)

Don’t forget to become a follower and leave a comment all along the walk  for a chance to win one of the great treats! 

Also, one lucky person will also get a $10 gift card from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s…1.  Become a follower, 2.  Leave a comment with the name of your pets (if any) or favorite doggie name….I personally love my name, Gigi!  Have fun!  Woof Woof….Now, it's time to go cuddle with Mom...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Banna Boo Birthday...

When my sister, Rach, called me this afternoon to ask for an idea for a ears perked up!  I love a good challenge, esp one involving paper! :)  She is planning a birthday party for my niece, Brianna..who we lovingly call, "Banna Boo...Miss Boo..Queen Boo..."
 (Whatever her royal highness is going by these days! LOL!) 

Anyway, her bday is coming up in a few weeks, so my sister wanted an easy-to-make birthday invitation with a mermaid on it.  I did a Google search for "Mermaid" and "Clam" Coloring Pages...This is what I found...and they were free.
I cut and pasted them into PowerPoint to manipulate the angle and sizes of the images...The clam was facing the opposite way, and I wanted it to be at the correct angle to match the way the mermaid was sitting.  Once I was happy with that, I printed the images out onto plain white paper and then cut the images out.  Colored them with Copic markers and water color pencils.   I backed the Mermaid in dark brown card stock and trimmed it along the edges...For the shell, I colored it blue and then pasted the shell on a scrap piece of blue card stock...
I measured (eye-balled) a spot on my Martha scoreboard, just above the tip of the shell...SCORE! (sorry Football on the brain)...
This score line will be the top crease of the card. 
I wanted the card to be the shape of the shell, so once the image was glued to the blue paper and while the paper is folded in half, I cut along the edge of the shell.  Doing this ensure both top and bottom will match.
Then, I attached Ms. Mermaid to the shell using pop dots to give it some dimension.  I went Stickle-crazy on the mermaids bikini top and fins.  You should see it sparkle under the light.  So cool...I love bling! :)
The invite info would go inside the card...but to add some extra fun and surprise, I used my frosted, pearly white Stickle and glopped a big dot on the inside flap.  It's a PEARL!  It looks really cool, but I would have rather used a pearl bead or a pearl sticker.  It still looks cute enough for our little princess, Boo!!!

Have a Happy Birthday, Miss Boo!!!...Lots of love and hugs from your Auntie Angie!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tacky Tuesday Challenge 10: "Raise the Ruff..."

Here is my submission for this month's "Tacky Tuesday" challenge...The outside says, "Raise the Ruff" while the inside (which I forgot to photo) said, "It's your birthday!"
I LOVE September Ninth's "Tacky Tuesday" challenges and how they give cardmaking a fun "twist."  The month's challenge was to incorporate a dog image and the word, "woof" or "ruff" into the card.  My sister's bday is today, so I took advantage of the opportunity (since she adores her two crazy dogs) to make this card for her.  I didn't really have a dog cut that I liked, so I opted to print a photo instead. I love this photo, because Cooley (left) is winking...while Chloe (right) is howling.   Crazy mutts....Ha!
It just seemed like a perfect photo for the sentiment... It's as though they are singing, "Raise the Rufff...It's your birthday!"  Well, at least that's what I thought... :)  Hope you have a great week!